Become a money manager

Become Money Manager

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module and is a trading model in which one trader makes money for accounts owned by other people. Owners of these accounts invest – i.e. deposit – their money into this trader with the expectation of getting a share of profit from the trading activity of the latter.


Our partner Brokeree has built a system in which the figure of a money manager is central. Usually, he’s an experienced trader who is capable of executing successful trading strategies, but in order to get a substantial profit his strategy requires more capital to operate with.


Investors collectively have such amounts of capital but have not enough time or trading experience to multiply their money. PAMM platform allows Investors to have a source of a passive income generated by a money manager, while the latter gets more trading freedom in return. Also, Money Managers may charge various fees and commissions for Investors as a pay for the work.

Become a Money Manager